To Whose Benefit is it Anyway?


Just when we start to get used to one of Facebook’s updates, another one comes along.

Just who are the benefactors of these updates? It sure doesn’t seem like it’s to the benefit of us, the members of the site.

According to The Washington Post, Facebook is updating their site to make it easier for advertisers to gather input on its users and for employers and the government to have easier access to our ‘private’ information.

If something is good, making drastic changes over and over again just ruins it.

A great example of this, would be MySpace. This site was as popular as Facebook, until they made crazy unnecessary changes, like putting an emphasis on music on the webpage.

It feels like Facebook is missing the point. We like simple social networking sites, not complicated ones. The members of the site should be more important than advertising companies.

We should be able to edit our privacy settings easily without difficulty. There shouldn’t be a question on how to access important settings.

For example, most members of the site have no idea how to exclude themselves from web searches. In my opinion, this is a very important setting that all users should know about, especially if they care about privacy.

Facebook doesn’t give users an easy convenient way to access these settings. Instead of putting all of their focus on advertising, they should start making settings easier to find and navigate.

Let’s face it, without us, Facebook is nothing. If you don’t feel comfortable with what Facebook is doing and the endless updates, explore more sites and invite your friends to join you. Google Plus is a great emerging website that has some of the things we love about Facebook, like status updates.

There are also neat tutorials and articles on the web that help with privacy settings if you decided to stick around Facebook.

Remember that safety is first, if you don’t feel comfortable with these changes, you either have the choice of educating yourself about how to stay safe or leaving Facebook for another website.


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