This is How I See it: Gay Rights

BY ROYAL MARTI – Copy Editor

All over our nation homosexual couples are being denied their right to marry, and the fault lies in the hands of our citizens and our leaders.

This could be prevented if we had less close-minded individuals; people like the ones who do not believe homosexuals should be allowed to marry, or if they are married how it should not be considered a marriage.

If we all think back a few decades, whether we were alive or just educated about the time of the Civil Rights Movement, this was a time when African Americans were fighting for their rights as human beings.

Just as the African Americans then, homosexuals today are fighting for their rights.

Those who do not put themselves in the homosexuals’ shoes, make it difficult for gays to acquire the rights they deserve when we have uneducated, people in the lives of homosexuals.

The fact of the matter is, that the everyday homosexual that you are for, against, or even just neutral about did not choose the life they are living.

Whether you are gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, Italian, Hispanic, or Chinese we did not choose who we wanted to be, it was all chosen for us.

We all live in a world full of different nationalities, religions, ethnicities, sexualities, etcetera.

Since we live in such a diverse nation, we need to learn to accept each other for who we are and who we were meant to be.

Take a leap forward and be a Gay Rights’ Activist and if you would like to think of it another way, think of it as being a Human Rights’ Activist.

Just as you value your rights, including the one to marry, there will always be that homosexual couple yearning for the right to marry the person of their choice.


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