Disney Princesses As Role Models

BY ABYANA DAVILA – Health & Wellness Editor

As a little girl growing up, I have always been fascinated with fairy tales.

Disney has had a series of movies meant to inspire young girls to keep up a healthy self-esteem by classifying girls from several ethnic backgrounds as princesses. There are princesses from several European countries, America, Saudi Arabia, and even China.

Many people see Disney princesses as negative role models for girls because of each story’s happy ending; however, I would not agree.

Happy endings are simply showing the positive result of having good character and following your dreams.

Beauty is not the focus of Disney either. For example, the Disney Princess, Belle falls in love with The Beast. The Beast is a sweet, loving prince trapped in a frightening body until he has loved and been loved.

Another example of a princess who has sacrificed for love is Ariel. Ariel not only leaves the comfort of her home in the ocean to explore the society on land, but she gives the sea witch, Ursula, her voice in exchange for legs to find the man she fell in love with on land.

Here we see that Ariel is risking her own happiness for love. She was unknowing of the title of the man she fell in love with; therefore, had no intention of marrying into royalty.

Prince Charming and a happy ending are not what are supposed to be emphasized in these stories. These tales are about how any girl, rich or poor, black or white, can be a princess.

We have misinterpreted and overanalyzed the message that Disney has been trying to nobly portray.

Next time you watch a Disney Princess movie, think about the underlying message and not about the fairytale ending.


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