The Difficulties of Working and Going to School


Working in the summer is great and rewarding. Most working teens get many hours and enough pay to spend it on enjoying their summer or paying their expenses.

When the fall rolls around, it’s a whole different ball game, especially if you do not have a car.

I got used to waking up at noon and going to work well rested. Now that school started, I have to wake up early, go through a stressful and long school day, and go to work, when I finally make it home, a stack of homework is always waiting for me.

Expenses do not just go away when school starts. If you are one of those teens who pay for most of your expenses like me, you know exactly how it feels to get paid not even half of what you are used to making.

Although having a job at such a young age is not a necessity, for others it basically is.

Remember, school is your main priority, if you feel like your job is affecting your performance in school you might want to consider devoting more time to academics. Earning money for working hard is great, but having good grades gives an even greater level of satisfaction.

Set out a day in the week to focus solely on school work. For example, I set Wednesdays apart to work on school assignments.

In order for this to work, you have to make sure your employer knows not to schedule you on that day of the week.

Although I work many hours in the weekend, I do my school work after or before work. Most of you want to relax on weekends and forget about assignments, but that really hurts your grades.

Mentoring Period is another great time to get assignments done. It’s only 30 minutes, but you can still get a good head start on homework.

No one said it would be easy, but making the transition between only working to also excelling in school is worth it.


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