Spark Without Santa

BY ALEX PYLES – School News Editor

As a child, I remember rushing down the stairs with my brother, peeking around the corner, and peering in awe at the presents Santa had delivered the night before.

The magical feeling that Santa provides children with is unexplainable. They spend their entire month of December perfecting their behavior and preparing a wish list for Santa.

Now that we’ve graduated from the stage of believing in Santa’s wonder, has the magic in Christmas itself faded?

As a high school student, I still believe Christmas is extraordinary.

Growing up makes people understand what Christmas is truly about: being grateful for the family and friends that God has given us.

Although growing up and realizing that Santa Claus is a fantasy has taken a fragment of the mystery out of the gifting portion of the holiday, one is still surprised upon opening his or her presents.

It is almost a shame that children living in today’s society are discovering the truth about Santa Claus even earlier than they have in previous generations.

It seems as though in time, the legacy we have known  as “Old Saint Nick,” will die along with the spirits of young children and adolescents.

Although children are disappointed upon their discovery that Santa isn’t real, they too will one day realize what the magical holiday is truly about and appreciate the  purpose behind the holiday.


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