No More Dress Code


 If students do not follow dress code, what is the point of having it? I just feel it’s a waste of time.

There is no point in arguing with the students from LHS if they do not comply. Students don’t listen and therefore feel free to do whatever they want.

Many students are very rebellious. They don’t wear dress code, and where do they end up? In ISS!

 Since students are sitting in ISS, that means they are not getting an education.

Some students can afford new clothing, but some cannot. It is   just not fair that students have to waste their money on sets of clothes they do not need.

Also, it wastes parents’ money for more important things like bills that need to be paid. Not only do parents need to buy dress code compliant clothing, they would have to wash more clothes.

This means parents waste more water. Parents could be spending all the money wasted on Dress Code on groceries, family entertainment, or even vacations.

Teachers are taking more time out of class to ask students to go and correct their clothing. Students are also taking more time to argue about not changing and disagreeing with teachers.

It takes too much time out of all students’ education. It is not fair for the students who really come to school to learn.

Here at LHS, Dress Code is doing more harm than good.


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