Super Sports Slackers


These days, athletes think that they are superstars and do not have to work for their spots on the team.

That’s not how it works. In order to be on a team at LHS, there has to be dedication and the hunger to want to get better.

Coaches are always talking about going to the weight room and working hard during the off-season, yet I would put a bag of chips on it that less than 40% of the athletes at Lebanon High actually go to the weight room and participate in off-season activities.

Then we have our “studs” that think they can do whatever they want and expect to play in the game because they think their talent is enough to lean back on.

I do admit that talent is important to have, but it is nothing if it is not used to its full potential.

The only way to make talent grow is to have the passion to get better and to practice.

These days, some athletes do not have the passion for the sport they supposedly love.

There are some athletes out there that do work hard and do have that fire in their eyes.

I hate to see talent wasted that could become something amazing. The talent that lies in Lebanon High School could change the way everyone looks at us.

It starts with our athletes and how determined they are to get better. Our super sports slackers need to become our Super Sports Stars.


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