Do Manners Even Exist Anymore?


With our ever-changing society, people’s attitudes and ways of thinking transform.

Students in the Lebanon School District are the perfect example. Once nice and polite, some students have turned into rude individuals.

Why is this? Growing up, children are taught in grade school to be polite, ask for things nicely, and treat others the way they would want to be treated.

It seems nowadays that those principles are no longer abided by.

Walking in hallways, accidental shoves or pushes are followed by rude remarks, or even curse words.  Accidental looks also cause a razzing of words.

Attitudes towards teachers are worse than those in the hallways. Disrespectful retorts and gestures show how students regard their teachers.

Seeing how these students treat their peers and mentors shows a negative side of students, and that is not acceptable.

Lebanon School District should be a positive place to learn, not a haven for hellions and rude behavior.

Senior, Melissa Kohr, stated, “The way people treat each other is pathetic. We’re here [at school] to learn, not act stupid.”

Next time you see someone acting up, being rude or disrespectful, ask yourself this question: is this how you want your school to be represented?


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