Facebook: Friend or Foe?


Facebook, a place to view friend’s profiles and to meet new people, has become a huge problem in high school sports.  A rising problem has become a distraction throughout the Lebanon Basketball programs.

The boys and girls teams have been dealing with lots of situations, some serious and some not so much.

Players who are frustrated, mad, or upset are turning toward Facebook to get their emotions out. Our generation feels a sense of security in posting how they feel on Facebook, not fully recognizing that anyone can view their post.

The problem is that when the coaches find out, they have to act on this event.  The situations are not taken as a joke, but rather very seriously.

The punishments that have been handed out are suspensions for periods of time and running sprints.

Rather then just posting words, players have also posted videos to Facebook as well.  The subject matter of the videos deals with locker room conduct.

When head boy’s basketball coach, Mr. Tim Speraw, was asked about this matter, he said that, “What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room.”

However, this is not the case.  Facebook is taking control of the teams and causing lots of problems.

Mr. Ben Brewer, head girl’s basketball coach, pulled five starters due to posts on Facebook.  The situations are causing lots of tension between players and coaches.

If this continues to happen, how will the problem be solved? Will the coaches be more strict and make the punishments even harsher?

Posting things for all people to see causes a lot of stress on many people including the principal, the athletic director, and most importantly, the coaching staff.

Many players look to Facebook as a friend or sense of comfort, but it is really an enemy because it is affecting teams’ performances, morale, and getting the players in even more trouble.

Keep your thoughts to yourself and do not post things that are team related. It does not matter what sport it is, keep your emotions and opinions off Facebook.


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