Taking the Wrong Path?

BY SARAH HOCKER – Staff Writer

You hear about drugs all the time, on television, in movies, in magazines, and in books.

Many people who do drugs believe that nothing will happen to them or that they are untouchable. I am here to tell you that everyone is susceptible to lung cancer or heart disease if you take a part in doing drugs.

Sure, drugs can make you feel good for a short period of time, but how will you feel when the effects wear off?

I believe that drugs should not be used at all. I can understand that if someone gets a major surgery and they need painkillers, but painkillers and recreational drugs are two different things.

Drugs can mess up your mental health. Your brain will tell you that you need these drugs to focus and to be alert, but that is not true.

You will eventually feel like you cannot do anything without drugs.

Research from the Bing shows that there are currently 24,000 different drugs out there. Some are life threatening and some are almost harmless.

Drugs can make your eating habits all out of order. They can make your physical appearance look totally different as well.

People who do drugs will look frail. They will look like they have aged significantly, even though they are young in age.

Drugs do not just affect their physical appearance, but they also affect their mental health.

Drugs can cause people to be out of breath and feel tired. They also can cause drowsiness and it will be hard for you to be motivated to do things.

I believe that people should not use drugs, and if they do, they really need to put a stop to it immediately because it can affect your mental and physical health. Drugs should be put to a stop and abolished.

Drugs can put you on the wrong path and ruin your life permnantly.


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