V-Day Secrets

BY ALEX PYLES – School News Editor

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m sure many of you are scrounging to find last minute plans or gifts for your significant other.

For those guys who have absolutely no clue, a girl doesn’t necessarily need a top notch present.

Especially if your relationship is of a newer breed, a simple dinner date at a local restaurant or even a home cooked meal, a homemade card, or thoughtful poem is enough for most girls.

If you have been an item for over a year or your girl has expensive taste, a present is more appropriate. Keep in mind, a girl will never say no to flowers or jewelry.

For the most part though, if a guy shows that he has put effort into a Valentine’s Day celebration for his girl, she’ll love it!

Girls, if you have absolutely no idea what do to about the holiday for your significant other, here are a few simple ideas.

If you want to go the cost savvy route: baking him cookies or his favorite baked good in the shape of a heart is a quick and inexpensive way to express your love.

 If baking isn’t your forté making a collage of your favorite pictures of the two of you together, and adding cute sayings or quotes is always an option.

The gift ideas for Valentine’s Day are endless; however, keep in mind that it is a minor holiday and it isn’t necessary to go all out on a gift.

Sports paraphernalia, or clothing, is a simple gift that will go a long way. Not only will knowing your boyfriend’s favorite sports team let him know that you listen when he talks, he’ll also be happy about getting a present!

Hopefully these tips help you and your significant other have a meaningful, inexpensive, and successful Valentine’s Day celebration filled with love!


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