Time to Stop the Violence


The students of LHS have gone out of control.There has been fight after fight, both after school and during school.

These students just do not care anymore. They have become very aggressive and angry towards each other, and half the time, it is over nothing serious.

Two weeks ago, a riot broke out that involved a few individuals causing chaos for the majority of the L-building. This senseless violence was uncalled for.

The girls tend to hold grudges longer than the guys in LHS, and that’s a problem. Girls like to keep going, even to the point they fight at least three times.

On the other hand, the guys fight once, earn their respect, and get over it.

 I believe girls’ cause more problems by talking about others, and arguing with one another.

Is it really worth paying the fine? $350 would be wasted on fighting, when you could just talk to the person and try to solve the problem like an adult.

The students of LHS complain about not getting treated the way they’re supposed to be treated, but they’re too childish to be treated like adults.

Drama is not needed. School is for learning, not socializing and becoming “friends” with everyone.

Mr. Musser, a 10th grade English teacher, explained his feelings in a matter. “I think that people resort to violence when they are out of other ideas or strategies for how to solve their problems.”


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