Expression Equals Disruption?


High school is the time to start expressing yourself through clothes, hair and other factors. Do these expressions cause a distraction in the classroom?

Some students choose to get piercings and tattoos in order to express themselves. Piercings are a common way to individualize yourself in life.

Others decide to get tattoos, which is art on the body and it should not matter what you get and where. It is your body, your decision; no one else’s.

Another way of expression is your hair.  Students can be rude about what your hair looks like, but it should not bother you; if you are confident and happy about it, do not let negativity get to you.

Also, in Lebanon School District, we have a dress code that restricts what they can wear; yet students still find a way to wear nice things that are not school approved.

With these things stated, tattoos, hair, and clothing do not cause distractions in the classroom. If someone cannot focus and be mature about how someone expresses themselves, that is their problem, not the persons problem who has these things done.


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