Why You Should Get a Job

By Jonathan Klinger – Staff Writer

 Have you ever gone somewhere and seen something you wanted, but were not allowed to buy it? If so, then maybe you should look into getting a job.

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to and should get a job. It could help boost the economy, get a good car, save money for college, and have extra money for anything else you may want to buy.

Getting a job would boost the economy because just one more person would be working. It helps the company you are working for and the government in general because there would be a possibility for more money coming in.

You could also put money towards a good car. You can get many cars for under $5,000. Depending on the mileage and condition of the car, it is a great price.

Going to college is also very important. One would need money to go to college to get a well paying job after college.

We have money for things you want to buy or do. Such as going to the movies, going shopping, going on vacation, etc. That way you do not have to bug your parents to buy you things.

So why should you get a job? You should get a job earlier because it will better prepare you for life as an adult.


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