Reality TV: Is It Becoming Too Ridiculous?

BY ABYANA DAVILAHealth & Wellness Editor

This generation has a newfound obsession with documenting the personal accounts of the average person. We indulge in the drama, corruption, grief, and joys of those who surround and are like us.

The media has come to glorify the risqué and glamorous lifestyles of these social figures.

Though this seems bizarre, teenagers and young adults feed into this type of living.

TV shows such as: Jersey Shore, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Bad Girls Club, Mob Wives, Real Housewives, and The Bachelor are prime examples of reality TV shows that portray over-dramatized events of typical, middle class, American life.

These shows are surely entertaining; however, often times, young people cannot differentiate these occurrences from the truth.

16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, and Jersey Shore are terrible displays of the mistakes and bad choices young people make.

These bad decisions force many young people into adulthood. Teenagers must take on the responsibilities of parenting, living alone, and managing money.

It is important to realize the things we will have to deal with as we grow up, but these reality TV shows applaud those sorts of tragic situations. There is nothing classy or glamorous about becoming pregnant at 16, being a single mother, or hooking up with random guys on the boardwalk.

These types of behaviors are not good for anyone, let alone an impressionable teen.

This conduct is slowly being interpreted as an acceptable way to live due to the amount of magnification done by the media.

Parents and young adults must make sure that they understand the ridiculous amount of attention that these people receive for making careless decisions.

The point of reality TV is to find entertainment in the dramatic commotion of average life. But due to recent media interests, these “average lives” are far from the norm.

Do not be fooled! Reality TV is not reality; it is just documented accounts about the irresponsible decisions of the average attention-seeker.


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