Views of a Scorned Believer

BY ALYSSA HOKE – Staff Writer

One of the greatest influences in life is religion. Millions of people believe that a god exists, and others shoot that idea down.

I am one of those who do not believe in God. I find the idea of religion wrong and laughable.

I was raised in an atheist mindset and school children and adults would reprimand me for my beliefs.

Atheism is not wrong. It is a person’s choice and belief, just like Christianity or Hinduism.

A common misconception about atheists is that they believe in the Devil. They do not believe in God or the Devil, they believe in themselves.

Some have called atheists “bad people” saying that they have no compassion or morals. Just because someone does not believe in what you do does not make him or her a bad person.

Also, atheists do not strive to take down what you believe. They base their thoughts on scientific facts, while others base their beliefs around the Bible.

With some understanding, maybe these misconceptions can finally be cleared and a misunderstanding in the religious realm can be put to rest.


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