Be Involved and Aware


 Many parents nowadays are not aware of what their child does, or are not a part of their lives. The result of the parents not being a part of their children’s lives is an extreme tragedy.

There are many students who are involved with drugs and alcohol, always get in trouble in school, and do not care about their future. What are their parents doing to help them?

Many students say that their parents do not care about what they do or how they act, and others say their parents do not know about anything they do or how they behave. What message does this send to these children?

If parents do not pay attention to their children, then that can lead them to believe they can do what ever they want.

The number of students who are involved with drugs and alcohol, fighting, and even getting arrested is increasing. Another issue is teens dropping out of school.

Part of why these students are getting in a lot of trouble is because their parents do not discipline them or do not even have enough time to sit them down and talk about the dangers and consequences of these decisions.

If children go about doing what they want and act however they feel like, they can get into serious trouble and maybe even end up in the hospital.

Parents have some ability to  get their children help and stop them from engaging in horrid habits. Only then will they be able to have peace of mind about their children’s safety.

Parents need to step up their game, take control, and be involved in their children’s lives if they want them to be successful in life.


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