Too Personal?

BY SARAH HOCKER – Staff Writer

Do you use Facebook constantly? Do you update your status every time you do something or when something traumatic happens?

Many people post very personal information on Facebook that nobody needs or wants to know.

If you post personal or gruesome details about your life on the Internet it could backfire.

Employers could lose interest in hiring you if you are posting stupid things on Facebook that no one has to know.

Posting personal things on Facebook could get you into serious trouble.

You could post a gruesome message to someone else on there and they could possibly come after you.

Not only that, but it is not a good idea to post personal statuses on Facebook because everyone can see it and you could be bullied because of what you posted on Facebook.

“I do not use Facebook, but I think that no one really wants to see those type of things on the Internet,” said Biology teacher, Mr. Wise.

People also post pictures where you are showing a lot of skin. They pose in the mirror and appear half-naked.

Some people find that attractive, but seriously, does everyone need to see that? Those pictures make you look trashy.

“I think that Facebook was fun at the beginning, but now I barely go on it anymore because no one says anything worth reading anymore,” said sophomore, Libardo Gomez.

I think people should keep their personal statuses to themselves and not post it on Facebook. Come on, NO one wants to see that!


One response to “Too Personal?

  1. i agree, to many people put personal things out there or expose themselves more than they should and they just end up up suffering in the end.

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