Hispanic Insult


 At Lebanon High, it seems to have become a bad thing to be Hispanic.

All over the school there are cliques. You have your athletes, rebels, nerds, and lastly the “gualas.”

Most of the Hispanics in this school are categorized as “gualas.” Personally, I find this word offensive.

This word categorizes all Latinos as loud and obnoxious people who don’t care about anything. It’s extremely stereotypical.

When I asked my fellow Hispanic classmate, sophomore, Christian DeLeon, about his feelings on the word, he said he, “Feels it’s like calling an African-American the N- word.”

Most students in our school say things without thinking about the emotional affect that it has on other students.

Students who are called this word live up to its definition because simply, they no longer care..

Our school needs to break the invisible wall that holds back our ethnic expansion.

The term “gualas” should not be a word to categorize a group of Hispanics because it’s more of an insult than anything.  It’s a derogatory word that holds back two groups of students at Lebanon High.


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