How About Some Appreciation and Respect?


Are teachers out to get you and pick on you, or do they see a lot of potential in you and want to help you succeed?

Many students take teachers for granted and disrespect them but then want to say its because the teacher picks on them, or is out to get them. Well, I’m here to say that they are not.

Teachers are here to help students expand their intelligence and create a good future for themselves. It’s hard for them to do that when students are being disrespectful and not completing their work.

Did you ever stop to think that if you did your work, paid attention in class, and respected your teacher, that it would not seem as though they are out to get you?

Students should be grateful that we have teachers who are devoted to helping us create a successful future for ourselves.

Teachers prove that they are trying to help students succeed by staying after school to help them, making PowerPoints, posters, and notes to give to students to help them accomplish their best in class, and trying to make the lesson as engaging as possible.

If students would take the time to appreciate all that teachers do for them, respect their teachers, and be grateful, teachers would not have to be strict and discipline them.

Show appreciation for your teacher’s hard work because they attended school to help you achieve your goals so you can be successful in life.


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