Are Parents Strict?


Teenagers are losing their parent’s trust. They go out, get drunk and party when they are not supposed to.

Some teenagers don’t listen and do whatever they want whenever they want.

This causes many female teens to go out and get pregnant. Most male teens are in jail or close to it.

Why is that? There are teens who do not listen to his or her parents when spoken to.

Are parents giving teens too much freedom? Sadly, yes, most students are gone all day and night.

In order to solve this problem should parents look into boot camps for those who don’t listen and are a big problem? If parents care and are worried, it’s probably the best option.

Teens need love and a role model to look up to. These years of someone’s life are the most important. Peer pressure and negative interference can influence a teenager’s life in a huge way.

Honestly, I think that parents need to do what is best for their child and stick to their guns if they really care about their future. No mother or father wants to see his or her child grow up to be failure.

I feel that parents need to take more responsibility for their children. There is no need to let your child be alone, especially if she is a girl.

Girls do not belong in the streets. Parents need to realize that their child is wasting their time partying when they could be doing something that will benefit their future.


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