Freshman in the High?


Do you wonder if the upperclassmen were happy about the freshmen being in LHS?

It seems that the answer is no. Some upperclassmen are very frustrated because the halls were becoming jammed. Students were late to class and the teachers started to blame the students for something they did not have control over.

Due to fire damage at Willow Street Academy, the freshmen were attending the high school.

My opinion is that the freshmen class behaved wildly and had no respect for other students during the week they were here. Many students were getting into arguments, and some almost got into fights with each other because of the freshmen the past week.

The question is, “Do we want the freshmen with us next year?”

I feel that it is best if only the upperclassmen are at LHS. It would prevent drama, and there would not be as many issues with students being tardy to class.

If the freshmen were in LHS for a week with this much madness, imagine a whole school year.

In my opinion, I feel that there is no need to have an overpopulated school while it is under construction.

The freshmen should not be in LHS until the construction is completely finished. It will be better for both students and faculty.


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