The Ending of a Chapter


 With only 30 days of school left, LHS students are feeling excited and emotional.

There is excitement because summer is near. Emotions are running high because the school year is ending and there will be new experiences.

The seniors will be graduating and getting ready for college. The juniors will be moving up to the top, and becoming more independent.

The sophomores will be looking forward to PSSAs next year as juniors. Finally, the freshmen will try to fit in, as they become the new sophomores.

Best of all, everyone will be enjoying his or her summer vacation. I say drop all the drama, move on, and live life happily.

Start the 2012-2013 school year fresh with plenty of confidence and no stress.

10th grader, Nick Cruz was asked how he felt about the school year ending and he replied, “I feel that by the school year ending,  [it] puts another year behind us. It is also the beginning of a whole new chapter because our stories are still being written.”

Cruz’s words are very touching because we truly are young, bright students with a whole life ahead of us. We should expect more responsibilities entering into adulthood.

We are not getting younger, so its time to get mature, and take advantage of the good and forget about the bad.


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