The Slack on Grades


At LHS, the grades have been going downhill. Many students went from having all As and Bs to Ds, and Fs.

Just because the school year is almost over and students feel the need to slack on schoolwork does not mean they should.

A large number of students just want to go out, party, and have a good time. Is that going to pay off their bills in the future?

As terrible as it sounds, it is reality. It will just get them into trouble and get them involved with the wrong people.

Do people get far in life without graduating and going to college?

Sadly, no, simply because without a high school diploma, people are not really interesting to the working world. No one will ever take a drop out seriously.

There are better and more important things that could help students stay focused. Joining a sport can help, but now that the school year is ending it is a little too late for that.

Also, getting a job can help sudents stay focused because they will concentrate on getting the job done instead of going out and partying.

Students should never slack off at any point during the school year. People should take pride in what they can accomplish in high school.


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