Three Beatings


 Violence is behavior involving physical, mental, or sexual force intending to hurt someone or something (

Physical abuse is being hit, kicked, shoved, etc. Mental abuse is someone talking down to someone else, telling them that they do nothing right, or constantly yelling at them.

Sexual abuse is rape or being touched inappropriately without someone’s permission.

There is violence towards people all the time and it needs to be stopped immediately.

Most instances of violence occur in abusive relationships. These include parents to children, boyfriends to girlfriends, or husbands to wives.

The best thing to do if someone is in an abusive relationship is to get out of it right away. If this is not possible, talk to someone right away.

There are hotlines people can call if they are being abused and do not know what to do.

There are people that anyone can talk to that would give them advice on what to do when in an abusive relationship. For example people can talk to a counselor or their mother or father.

If anyone knows someone who is being abused, tell a counselor or someone trustworthy right away so the person getting hurt can receive help and be freed from violence; do not procrastinate!

Remember, there is always an alternative to being in an abusive relationship. All a person has to do is reach out to someone for help.


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