Relationships: The Inside Scoop

BY ALEX PYLES – School News Editor

Everyone knows that in high school, people date, fall in love, and get their hearts broken. There is nothing anybody can do to stop these things from happening.

However, if your relationship isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, lucky for you, this article is packed with relationship tips and advice.

Ladies, if your boyfriend or significant other finds you to be a little overbearing or controlling, first thing’s first: you have to remember that this is high school, and your boyfriend WILL have friends that you disapprove of.

No guy will ever complain about his girlfriend for accepting his friendships with both guys and girls, and allowing him to have his “guy time.”

If your significant other feels as though you don’t care enough, when you actually do, open up! Like people say, letting your guard down can allow your feelings to get hurt faster, but it also allows your relationship to flourish.

This goes for guys and girls. By staying open and honest with your significant other, you can not only learn new things about each other, but you will be able to learn new things about yourself.

Guys, if you’re one of those boyfriends who flirts with every girl under the sun, and you have a girlfriend, and you expect her to trust you, it isn’t going to happen.

Trust is, by far, the most important aspect of a relationship. Without it, neither of you will be able to go a week without picking a petty fight.

If you are looking for something a little more casual in a relationship, and your significant other is more invested than you are, be honest.

Before you even begin a relationship, both people should be up front about what their intentions are.

Even though people date on and off throughout high school, everyone needs to remember that this is still high school; try to keep your focus on what matters: school, friends, and family.

Don’t get too caught up in relationship drama, simply enjoy the precious time you have in high school, before you have to take life a little more seriously.


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