How Much is Too Much?


As youngsters in middle school,  relationships and affection were something very scandalous. Public Displays of Affection (PDA) were not tolerated.

PDA was harshly enforced by every teacher and even hugging friends was not allowed. If the rule was broken then there would be consequences, for example after school detention.

High school deals with PDA in a completely different way. It seems as if consequences for PDA no longer exist.

It’s understandable that now is the time when students are maturing and gaining more freedom. But, there must be some kind of line drawn.

“Kissing no, but hugging and holding hands I can accept,” stated Mr. Bensing.

“Holding hands, and hugging is not a disruption, but sucking faces is,” senior, Mikea Lansenderfer replied in agreement with Mr. Bensing

Greeting friends in between classes with a hug or sometimes a kiss on the cheek is common. The problem usually occurs with couples.

Holding hands is an innocent thing to do. The line is crossed when couples are exchanging saliva in the middle of the hallway while other students are trying to get to their classes.

I appreciate teachers giving us the freedom to make independent choices, but sometimes students abuse that freedom.

Excessive PDA is an act that some students may not want to view during their school day. Students should be reminded periodically about how much affection should be shown so that they do not get out of control.


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