Should Curfew be A Law?


Many teenagers do not feel the need to have curfew. Teenagers go home early for 180 days out of the year for school.

Why punish adolescents with having to go home early over the summer? Summer is supposed to be all about fun and relaxation.

Why have a curfew if a lot of these teenagers do not comply with it? It is just a waste of time trying to keep teens off the street.

In my opinion, I feel that half of the student population gets fined because of the harsh curfew.

Teens believe that curfew should not be a must. There’s no point if teens do not comply and still try to go out.

Many parents do not follow the curfew during the summer. Parents just let their teens do whatever they want.

As much as students want to have fun, parents do too. I feel parents usually let teens stay out and party with friends or even with them.

Junior, Luis Martinez, was asked how he felt about the curfew and he stated, “I feel there is no need for it because teens stay out after curfew anyway. The more you keep a child locked in, the more they are going to want to party.”

I agree with Martinez because I hate when my mom keeps me locked in the house babysitting, or just having to stay home.

There should be an end to curfew. Time is being wasted trying to keep teens stuck inside when it probably would just make them want to go out even more.


One response to “Should Curfew be A Law?

  1. I think that curfew should still be a law but i think it should be later at night. Teens need a time to have fun but they also need some structure too letting teens do whatever they want is going to lead them in the wrong direction.

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