Step it Up Seniors


Every year, LHS has a number of seniors who fail to complete their Senior Projects on time and become at risk for not being able to graduate. This makes absolutely no sense because every senior knew they had to complete their Senior Project by November 1st.

Completing this requirement put many seniors like myself one step closer to graduating on time.  Yes, it took time and effort, but it was completely worth it.

There is simply no excuse for not completing the project on time. This is something that has always been a requirement and that we all knew about years in advance.

Common excuses for not completing this project include: there were too many hours to complete, not enough time, or a lack of knowledge on what to do.

For an average senior in LHS, the number of hours that had to be completed was 30.  When planning is put into this, it really is not a significant amount.

30 hours could be divided into one hour for 30 days or 30 minutes for 60 days. Either way, it was not an impossible goal.

As mentioned previously, we all knew about it years in advance, so there was plenty of time to complete it by the deadline. The fact that many seniors did not have enough time has to do with their awful work ethic and lack of motivation.

If one was confused on what to do, after the deadline was not the time to ask questions. There was plenty of time to figure things out and get a proposal in.

As shown, all these excuses are simply that—excuses. So seniors, please step up your game and complete your Senior Project; there are too many things at stake to not complete it.


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