Censorship: Society’s Leash

BY RUTH RIVAS – Staff Writergovt-censorship

Why is censorship left up to institutions? Should it not be left up to the individual to decide what they should and should not view, digest, ingest and so forth?

There are many different morals, opinions and values throughout the United States. Housing and celebrating these differences is a part of American culture.
Then why are we all subject to what these institutions see as suitable?
Censorship has come a long way since the oppressive 1950’s, but it still has a long way to go.

As adults we should be able to decide what is appropriate for ourselves. We give these institutions the power and influence to play Big Brother and have a certain control over us.
It may seem trivial and small to some, but we are still letting others decide what is “okay” for us.

In Annville-Cleona, a book titled The Dirty Cowboy was banned from the library because it was seen as inappropriate. A children’s novel, The Dirty Cowboy, is charming and hilarious with a main character that is a dirty naked cowboy whose genitals are covered by many miscellaneous objects. If a parent finds this inappropriate they could decide not to let their child read this book and explain why.

Censorship cuts out the communication and thought that comes from folks who have to face a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable.

The Stop Online Piracy Act, also known as the SOPA bill, is a ridiculous example of censorship. It infringed on many rights and yet it progressed to a very serious stage. Though it had a good objective, the bill was terrible and oppressive.

Hiding something one finds unpleasant or tasteless does not make it go away, and blinds the group that is under this censorship. Censorship should be left up to the individual to decide, because we are not all the same person and should be treated as the individuals we are.


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