Hallway Traffic

BY LAURA CRAMER – Staff Writer

In years past (before the start of renovations on Lebanon High School), navigating between classes was never a cakewalk.  Recently, however, the problem has become much worse.

Administrative measures like one-way hallways have little effect on the problem of students who choose to stand in the hallway rather than heading toward their next class.

Their motivations are unclear; while the hallways are a fine place to catch up with friends, why not wait till at home or elsewhere? Why not communicate via text message or phone call?

Maybe when construction is complete, and all three upper balconies are open, travel between classes will be easier.  But a more important factor is motivating students to keep moving and head to class.

Conversations that must be held in the hallway should be moved off to one side, out of the way of traffic.  If everyone in the school followed this simple rule, classes would be far easier to get to.

The area on the second floor of the Atrium near the L-building is the epicenter of this problem; moving through this area requires one to constantly dodge around standing students.

The solution to this problem requires an attitude shift among students.  Security guards yelling at students is simply not enough to remedy this and reduce tardiness.

Stricter penalties for students who choose to waste time in the hallways would greatly help to reduce this traffic and keep the hallways clear.


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