A Fatal Flaw: Women in Combat


As per retired Lieutenant General, Jerry Boykin, from CNN Opinion, “on Thursday, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced that the Obama administration would allow women to be placed in positions that will expose them more directly to fighting with enemy ground forces.”

As a young woman, I am appalled and completely opposed to the permission that has been granted.

Under the rule of this policy, women are now able to join units such as the Infantry and the Special Forces who are typically the first to be exposed to physical combat at the time of war.

It seems as if the passing of such a code was determined strictly because of feminist pressure on the government. Logic was discarded from this decision-making process.

There are multiple reasons why women should not be permitted to participate in these intense military units.

A reason to prohibit this new policy is the harsh living conditions under which these units may be forced to endure.

The fact that these units may be exposed to spending months on end with no place to house these people; no access to resources, facilities, or medical care; and no privacy and/or supervision is the undeniable truth that our government miscalculated.

Having women in combat alongside of men not only puts women at risk of death, but also puts their physical and emotional health in danger.

Aside from the fact that most women cannot match the physical capacity of a trained male killer, women are at risk of being taken advantage of while in combat and are more likely to have more illness and disease because of the maintenance that the female body requires.

This puts much more pressure on the supervisors of these divisions to suppress the sexual tensions that may spark while at combat, which also makes the squadron more vulnerable because of distraction and misguided focus due to gender management.

Many women who are currently in the military are now at risk of being considered for the role of these battalions. Women are now reconsidering or regretting their military involvement.

Yes, women should be allowed to serve their country, but I agree with Boykin when he states that, “men and women can serve together in the armed forces productively, but that service needs to be prudently structured in a manner that reflects the differences between the sexes and the power of their attractions.”

A woman entering into the combative forces of the military has long been a controversial issue that has posed many questions and suggested answers, but this final solution has me and countless others wondering what exactly our president and government were thinking when making this detrimental decision.


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