Think Before You Post


Cyber-bullying is a topic that always seems to be in the media. We hear about teenagers swallowing bleach and taking their lives because of relentless online harassment.

This is easy to prevent if students think about what they are posting. We even had a short lesson on Internet etiquette here at LHS about a month ago during Mentoring Period.

Even though students at our school are aware of events such as teenagers hanging themselves in their closets and what their posts could cause, cyber-bullying still happens.

No rock is left unturned when it comes to cyber-bullying, it seems as though every social media is used. Even Instagram has been used to criticize and tear down students at random.

It is childish and ignorant to make fun of someone, especially behind his or her back. So, why does such a high percentage of our student body do this?

I have seen girls post pictures of a complete stranger and bash her weight, the way she dresses, and how she looks.

It is disappointing to be a part of a student body where we dehumanize and objectify each other for laughs.

Facebook was once allowed for student use in school but because of the amount of cyber-bullying that was going on, it and other social networking sites, have been blocked. When it comes to posting, it is better to think it through.

Students have enough to worry about on a day-to-day basis, why make anyone’s life harder? All I ask is for students to think before they post.


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