Violence: The Problem Not the Solution

BY TOSHIA O’LEARY – Staff Writer

Since the beginning of the school year there have been too many fights at Lebanon High School. This affects the school’s reputation.

Almost all the fights that happen end badly, and someone gets hurt.

When there is a fight, people rush to see what’s going on. Violence is unnecessary due to the fact that though it inflicts emotional, mental, and physical pain, there is never a true “winner.”

The aftermath of fights are just as troublesome as the fight itself since the participants and spectators are oftentimes punished relentlessly.

With all of the battery, students and teachers alike are seeing how unproductive violence is in the solution process.

Instead of starting a fight, students should improve their communication skills and even turn to a responsible adult to address any escalated issues.

Overall, fights are a waste of time that should be used for learning purposes. It creates more of a problem than a solution.


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