Judging a Book by its Cover: The Inevitable Truth


Although many people preach that judging others is completely unacceptable, it is nearly impossible to refrain from forming opinions about others before “getting to know” he or she.

As a survival technique, humans instinctively form ideas about people simply based on his or her appearance.

Verbal communication has an influence; however, tone of voice and inflections affect someone’s perception of another more heavily than the content of the words exchanged.

New York University, Stanford, and Tufts researchers have found that we make eleven decisions about someone within the first seven seconds of meeting he or she.

A person can determine whether or not he or she likes another within seven seconds. With this, it is obvious that we, in fact, do judge people by their appearances.

Fortunately, Forbes.com has seven recommended strategies to help make a good first impression.

interview-tipsAdjust your attitude. Attitude is something that people pick up on instantly.

Before meeting someone, choose how you want to be perceived. Straighten your posture.

Body language plays an important part in making an impression. Standing tall with your shoulders back and your head straight shows confidence and competence.

Smile. This makes you approachable.

Make eye contact. This displays interest, in addition to making you available and open to communication.

Raise your eyebrows. Opening your eyes slightly wider than normal shows that you recognize and acknowledge an individual.

Shake hands. Offering a handshake suggests a harmonious relationship.

Finally, lean in slightly. Be engaged, but do not invade personal space.

All of these tips offered by Forbes.com are effective ways to make a good first impression.

Though people make impulsive decisions about others, it is important to do your part to make sure that you are perceived the way you want to be.

Show the content of your character so your cover is your book.


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