Reading, Writing, and Rock ‘N’ Roll

BY RUTH RIVAS – Staff Writer

Reading, Writing, and Rock ‘N’ Roll does not sound like a class that is geared towards anyone who does not listen to “Rock ‘N’ Roll,” but as you learn in this class, music genres intertwine and influence one another.

A wide variety of categories are covered over the course of the year. Students even have the ability to talk about music that interests them through audio and oral presentations, though this is not what the class solely relies on.

In this class, students will read many articles about genres, artists, and events that helped shape music over the years. These topics vary from Motown to Woodstock.

Throughout the year, students write a good number of observations about music that is played in class, but they are purely your opinion and not expected to exceed a couple of sentences per song.

A big allure of this class is that learning to play guitar is incorporated in the lesson. Do not fret if you are not musically inclined, Mr. Clint Hibshman grades mostly on effort, not skill.

Though the subject matter is very interesting and entertaining, Hibshman makes the class enjoyable. Hibshman is an easygoing, fun teacher who has an amusing sense of humor that he does not keep hidden.

If you are respectful, participate, and shut up when he asks you to, you will be fine.

Reading, Writing, and Rock ‘N’ Roll is an enjoyable class that is geared towards seniors and juniors, but it is not too uncommon for sophomores to also have the class.

Reading, Writing, and Rock ‘N’ Roll should be a part of everyone’s high school career. Be sure to choose it as an elective for your schedule next year.


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