Let’s Brighten Up Lebanon High School

BY DAVID DEL RIO  Staff Writer

Have you ever walked around Lebanon High School and noticed how dull the area looks?

Since the completion of the school renovations, I have noticed how plain the Atrium looks. Sure it is nice to have some plants and greenery around, but I feel like it should at least be more colorful.

I often feel depressed sometimes looking at the school. In the Atrium it just looks  gray.

Why not spruce it up by making it look cheerful?

To liven up the school we could decorate it with more of our school colors, which are red and blue. This could even enhance our school spirit.

Also, I feel like on the outside of the school there should be more greenery. I have noticed that there is a lot of open space.

The school could plant some flowers and bushes to enhance the appearance  more.

This could help the environment out as well. The roots of the plants and trees could absorb water when it rains to prevent flooding.

In order to be motivated to go to school and enjoy it, I feel that the environment surrounding students is very important. Brighter colors enhance the mood and create a welcoming area for individuals.

On the other hand, a dull area brings more of a depressing environment. If it is colorful and full of  décor, the students would most likely feel a lot happier.

If you feel that the school is  dull, talk to a Student Council representative.  You could also go to an administrator  to address the issue, and propose your more decorative and colorful proposal.


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