Senior Year


Ever since my freshman year, I have listened to seniors boast about how senior year is such an easy year. Everyday I would hear someone say how his or her senior year is, “such a breeze,” or “it’s a joke.”

It turns out that senior year does in fact, fly by. However, the only “joke” is the student’s grades because they think it is okay to slack off.

Anyone that plans on graduating high school and going off to college, knows that senior year is hard work. There are scholarships to fill out, colleges to apply to, and not much time.

Many people will and have already made the mistake of slacking off their senior year. When someone slacks off, their grades drop, resulting in a very low GPA.

The only two outcomes are both very difficult to deal with. Either the student graduates with a low GPA, or they fail and have to come back and repeat their senior year.

It would be somewhat of a dream to come into school everyday with the intention of just sitting around, talking to my friends, and playing games on my iPad. However, that is not how it works.

Everyone has “dreams” and hopes that someday they will come true. Sadly, most of those “dreams” will not be possible without a high school diploma and/or graduating from a 2-4 year college.

So, my question to all current and soon to be seniors is, are you just getting by? If so, just be aware that the choices you make today will eventually catch up to you in the future. Do not let that happen.

Instead, keep a positive mindset and work hard until the very last day of your senior year. Even after you graduate from high school, challenges will present themselves and all it takes is hard work and determination.


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