Make a Change this Spring


Spring is finally here, and summer is just around the corner. Are you ready?

We waited out the long, cold winter, through freezing temperatures and negative wind chills for the warm spring weather to finally arrive.

Now that it has arrived, we need to think ahead and prepare for summer.

I can only speak for myself, but I would love to have the “perfect summer body” that everyone speaks of. If you agree, there is some good news!

There are plenty of ways to get the summer body you have always wanted.

One of the choices you can make to improve your shape could be joining one of the local gyms. Two options are New York Fitness, which is only ten dollars a month, or the YMCA that is 30 dollars a month.

However, if joining a gym is not something you see yourself doing, there are plenty of other choices. Going on a daily run around your neighborhood is also a great way to get into shape.

Most people are not fans of running, so a substitute for that could be taking a walk. Walking is a great substitute for running and helps burn calories just at a slower pace/rate.

Along with running and walking, there are other choices such as taking a Zumba or yoga class.

On select days of the week there are beginner/senior yoga classes held at the YMCA. As for Zumba, there are classes held on almost every night of the week at New York Fitness.

The best part is most classes are only for an hour. This way they are easy to fit into your busy schedule!

Along with working out, you can also help your body by drinking water and eating healthier. However, this does not mean you need to cut out all the sugary treats you love to eat.

It simply means eating smaller portions and just a bit less of all the treats. A little chocolate or cake here and there never hurt anybody.

Obtaining the “ultimate summer body” before the summer time rolls around might seem impossible, but with a little effort and determination anything can happen!


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