Battle of the Sexes

BY MOLLY FOSTER – Staff Writer

Feminism is a worldwide controversial topic that opposes the thought of male dominance over females. However, as feminism has gradually grown into ideologies of political equality by women, and utter defiance over the decades, the practice of feminism began to be condemned and looked down upon by various individuals who felt threatened and challenged by its ideas.

You too may be entirely against the convention of feminism. However, before you provide yourself with a biased perspective on the matter, consider questioning why exactly women feel obligated and provoked enough to rise up and challenge the beliefs of society in order to obtain the power and equality that they wish to possess.

Why is it that women must revolt against society in order to reach this so called “gender equality?” Isn’t it already provided to them in the 14th Amendment, which guarantees “life, liberty or property, without due process of law,” and forbids anyone to “deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws?”

You may be surprised to know that feminism isn’t actually the stereotypical, heinous and undermining concept of being anti-male, which a large majority of individuals believe it is.

Feminism actually means a fight for others. Living a feminist life requires one to be an advocate for absolute equality, not only for women, but also for men, children, and minorities.

Of course there are the extremists of feminism who provide it with a bad name by believing not only that women are equal to men, but by also believing that they are indeed superior to the male population. However, these few negatively influential feminists should not affect the overall image and message that feminism intends to provide both men and women with.

Due to the fact that feminism is still not supported by most, the fight for women’s rights is ongoing. Without the support of both men and women on the topic, fair treatment between both genders, in not only the work fields, but also in everyday living, may never be reached.

In order to obtain peace and justice between sexes, all must accept the reality that one gender is not truly inferior to the other.

I, like many women across the world, am a feminist. However, I do not fit into the provided stereotype.

I do not believe in the supremacy of men, or the supremacy of women. Rather, I believe in the equality of all individuals.

Until this form of equality is supported and enforced by both men and women, it is almost guaranteed that there will always be a battle of the sexes.


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