Need More Sleep?


It seems like it gets harder and harder to get a good nights sleep, especially when you are a teenager in high school.

Trust me, I feel your pain. You spend a long day in school, come home, and spend the rest of the night trying to finish all your homework you were assigned for the next day.

Also, some students have extra-curricular activities to go to after school and only get home even later in the evening. This usually results in coming home and staying up for hours that night to get all of their work done.sleepyteen_wide-b0d7aa19a67bf97055609d4085ad1dd7e9dc257a-s6-c30

I have the same problem, but don’t worry! According to HELPGUIDE, there are six different ways to get better sleep.

The first one is to keep a regular sleeping schedule. This may be a little more challenging for those who play sports, but it is still possible.

Being a senior in high school, I look back on all the late nights I had after soccer practice. At the time, it seemed as if I was never going to make it through, but here I am!

I am going to graduating in less than two months. If I can do it, so can you.

Secondly, get into a “sleep-wake schedule.” For example, turn off your TV and phone, and spend more time being active. Try not to lie around and relax all day, because it will make it more difficult to get a good amount of sleep that night.

A good idea would be to go outside and take a walk or play your favorite sport. Typically, the idea would be to tire yourself out.

Thirdly, create a relaxing bedtime routine. For example, take time to calm down and unwind shortly before you plan to go to bed.

Consider trying this routine, about thirty minutes before you plan on going to sleep grab a small, healthy snack and watch one of your favorite TV shows or read a book. Try to refrain from being too active.

Next, try to exercise regularly and eat right.

Typically, I am tempted to eat something before I go to bed. If you are the same way, try to eat something light, such as, a bowl of cereal or a banana.

The final tip is to try to manage your thoughts at night. Many teenagers like myself, claim that they tend to think a lot more right before going to sleep.

If your thoughts run wild at night, try to think of a “happy place” or listen to relaxing music as you fall asleep.

            Next time you are having a hard time falling asleep, remember these helpful tips, to relax and have a good night’s sleep.


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