The REAL Beauty Behind Cosmetology

BY KITANA YOU – Staff Writer

When you think of “big-paying” jobs, you probably don’t think of cosmetology (hair, makeup, nails, etc.). I bet the first few professions to come to your mind are doctors, lawyers, and real estate agents.

Why do so many people degrade cosmetologists? There are many reasons as to why people feel that cosmetology isn’t a real field to practice.

Cosmetology is the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin. A lot of individuals think it’s just getting your hair and nails done, but it goes above and beyond that.

To be a cosmetologist, or a beautician, it requires a special skill that not all people can develop, for example, being able to sell products or talking to clients one-on-one. Just like any other art-related occupation, the beauty field is not easy.

Yes, cosmetology school is less expensive than a normal college, and is usually only a nine to ten month program. But this is due to the fact that the rest of the skills a cosmetologist is required to learn, are not taught, but rather need to be acquired and mastered on your own.

Also, to make a good income in this field, you truly do have to be good at it! Just like the best lawyers are paid the most, the best cosmetologists bring in the highest incomes as well.

When cosmetologists graduate from beauty school, the administrators give them an estimate of a $30,000 annual income per year. But the best beauticians can make up to six figures a year.

So many unknowledgeable people think that cosmetologists just have to “do hair” and “paint nails,” but it is much more. Beauticians do more than just bestow services.

They provide conversation, and attempt to give their customers a confidence that lasts a lifetime.

The job of a beautician is to make clientele feel beautiful from the moment they walk into the salon doors, and that is what is truly beautiful about cosmetology.


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