Social Media


Nowadays, everything revolves around technology. The news, sports team updates and movie times can be found on the Internet, and we are constantly updating our “status” via a social media account.

At first thought, this does not sound too bad, it actually sounds convenient. However, is it really a good thing for our entire world to revolve around social media and technology?

All it takes is one simple click of a mouse and you can access someone’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account. Almost everyone, including teachers, has a social media accounts.

Social media doesn’t seem like a huge threat until you realize that no matter how many times you think you’ve deleted something, it will always be there.

The status you posted on Facebook from two days, two months, or even two years ago is still there. Even if you decide to un-friend someone or make your account private, your business is still on display.

For example, if you decide to go to a party that you shouldn’t be at, and make a status or post a photo that proves you were at the party, it could cause you some trouble. Teachers, principals, colleges, and even your bosses are able to access all of your accounts.

If that doesn’t prove it to you, go ahead and search “Lady Disrespecting Arlington” on Google. The woman in the picture, Lindsey Stone, posted this picture on her Facebook account as a joke.

This image shows Stone standing next to a sign at Arlington National Cemetery that reads, “Silence and Respect,” while pretending to scream and holding up her middle finger.

At the time, Stone didn’t mean to hurt anyone by posting this picture. However, she disrespected the fallen heroes of the Arlington National Cemetery, as well as herself.

This minor slip up turned into worldwide news and caused her to lose a lot of respect from many people, and her job as well.

A member of the LIFE Organization where Stone worked posted an apology and let everyone know that the picture in no way reflects their views on our fallen heroes.

Now, no matter what she does, that picture will always be there. There is always a chance that this picture could put her career on the line, all because of one small, stupid decision she made.

There is nothing wrong with being involved with social media, but it is important to know your limitations. One small status or picture could end up being something that affects you for the rest of your life.

I didn’t write this article to scare anyone, but simply with the intention of making everyone more aware of what could happen. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded that even though we love social media, it could come along with severe consequences if we don’t use it the right way.


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