A Better Senior Year


Here at Lebanon High School we usually do the same thing every year for the seniors.

Each year the seniors go to Baltimore, Maryland to go on a cruise. As a class, we should be able to choose where we want to go, as long as the place is within our planned budget.

For example, we could go to an amusement park, or a nearby beach in Maryland or New Jersey instead. Doing the same thing over and over again gets boring.

For the Senior Auction, we should also be able to do what we want with the senior we buy as long as it is school appropriate. We’re paying for them to be our servant for the day, but they cannot do half of the things we may tell them to do because of the teachers.

The teachers find it disruptive and will not allow commotion in their classrooms, which takes away from the fun of the Senior Auction.

Another thing I want to discuss is raising money for prom. For us to raise money we have to fundraise.

The fundraisers we have been doing are not raising enough money, and not only I, but also other students agree. If a student who is not a Class Representative has an idea for raising money, the idea is undermined.

This is why the students do not suggest ideas and speak up, because they do not take it into consideration.

We should be able to choose as a class where we go for our Senior Trip. Also, we should go over rules before the Senior Auction starts so we know what we can and can’t do.

In addition, our suggestions for raising funds for prom should be heard and considered.

It’s our senior year, we should have a say!


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