How The Game Should Be Played


There have been some complaints that Lebanon High School sports teams have. Sports at the school seem to be going downhill.

A lot of the problems we have with our sports teams are the cliques that are on each team. Players will sit there and gossip about their own teammates!

This causes everyone on the team to become frustrated and take their anger out on their teammates, which causes unneeded conflicts. When you’re losing a game, and losing by a lot, it’s hard to stay calm.

Another problem that some teams have are their low percentage of wins. Our losing streaks are double the typical number of winning streaks.

I think all of the coaches are doing as much as they can, but I think more conditioning and team-building activities would be a major help to our sports teams. Also, it seems that coaching girls’ teams would be a lot more difficult than a boy’s team because it can be hard for girls to agree with each other.

The coaches and the team should push themselves as hard as possible to improve.

We should all step our games up and not give up on our teammates. It will make our teams better and our friendships stronger in the end.


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