Unplug Yourself


Feature Editor

The use of technology in our daily lives has been rapidly increasing over the last several years.

Even when most of our older siblings were growing up, they used less technology than we do currently. When our parents were in school it was like a completely different world.

Just walking into a random classroom now it is normal to see students using smartphones, iPads, and laptops. We’re so used to seeing this that we often forget that it wasn’t always this way.

Instead of teens interacting with each other, they’re more often interacting with the screen in front of them. It can be hard to get them to detach from their devices.

Even now, you’re reading this article online instead of printed on a piece of paper like it would have been before. If you look around you, most people’s eyes are locked onto a computer or phone screen as well.

Technology affects every part of your life. It has changed things you wouldn’t expect or even think about, such as newspapers and magazines.

We’re the first to be growing up in this technological age. Although there are some positives to it, our generation has displayed some negatives as well.

We often forget to look around us, and it can be hard to remind ourselves to do so. We’re so concerned with our phones and social media that we ignore what’s right in front of us.

Everyone does it, even me. The instant we’re not busy with something, we immediately reach for some device.

Our generation has presented a problem with being alone. We can’t stand not being connected to the drama of the rest of world, even for a short amount of time.

My suggestion is this: unplug yourself. Put down the phones and appreciate what’s in front of you.

Whether it’s your family or friends or just a good view, live in that moment instead of documenting it with Instagram or Twitter.

When we’re all old and retired we’re only going to have those moments to look back on. We’re not going to remember that time we got over 100 likes on a picture.


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