Keeping it One Step Ahead


So many teenagers think that underage drinking is the best thing to do with their friends.

When it comes down to it, underage drinking can cause many serious and even permanent problems in teenagers’ lives. Not everyone knows the consequences about underage drinking, but they should.

Most teens just think underage drinking is “cool,” but it is harmful. Drinking is made for adults, not teenagers.

The effects of underage drinking could be death, disablilties, poor performances in school, high- risk behaviors, and so much more. The emotional pain of alcoholics can be even worse to those around them.

Behavioral changes may be a big key to know if a teen is drinking. Some of the signs could include: poor attendance, low grades, rebelling against family rules, and even lacking involvement in interests they used to have.

A teenager could also go through emotional changes as well. The signs could be mood changes, defensiveness, and irritability.

Not only will the behavior and emotions of a teen change, but there would also be physical changes as well.

The signs for physical changes are as follows: low energy, bloodshot eyes, lack of coordination, and slurred speech.

Underage drinking isn’t cool for anyone. Everyone should play it safe and just wait until the legal age of drinking at 21, if not later.


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