No Making Out in the Hallways!


How do you feel about public displays of affection (PDA) in school? Do you mind seeing it?

Every high school deals with it, but the question is, how much of it can we take?

Schools are a place for learning, not for inappropriate make out sessions. Students are expected to show good conduct and be well behaved.

In our school, we have specific guidelines towards this topic. The Student Handbook details what is correct behavior regarding PDA.

In the Student Handbook it specifies that caressing, walking with arms around each other, kissing, and similar behavior in school is inappropriate.

Students are aware of the issue because at the beginning of the year they sign a paper showing that they acknowledge the rules.

The consequences for PDA in our school will result in disciplinary action. For example, a warning or a detention

Expressing feelings is not against the rules, but the way one actually acts upon it is different. All students must respect themselves and the people around them.

People might feel uncomfortable or anxious about one’s actions so it is important to be aware of what they are doing.

Many students may not notice the result of their actions because they are in the heat of the moment, but being overly affectionate can lead to a lot of attention.

As students, we should be aware of PDA and respect our surroundings and others. If you would not do it in front of your parents, why would you do in school?


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