“Run, Run, You Are Going to Be Late!”


Did you ever wake up late for school or get stuck in traffic? Many of us encounter this problem, especially students.

Students who know they are going to be late dread the fact of walking into school. Lebanon High School has a strict rule referring to this problem.

In our Student Handbook, our school lists the procedures for students who are tardy. If enough time is lost, this could result in an offense punishable by a fine.

It also states if a student is excessively late, it can result in suspension or expulsion from school.

As a student, I believe we should not be punished for being late for school. As a student driver, I understand the traffic or even dangerous weather conditions when heading to school.

It is a bad idea walking into school late, but we should not be held accountable for it to a point. For example, if the student always skips their morning classes then we should take disciplinary action.

Everyone understands the importance of being in school on time, but it should not be a disciplinary problem. We all have late mornings and we all have those off days.

Making it a disciplinary problem is ridiculous. Students and teachers can be late sometimes.

The students who are late everyday are the ones who are missing out in school. Schools should not make it a problem because it is not a big deal.

Teachers should have control over the student who is late, and not make it a priority for the disciplinary office.

As students in Lebanon High School, do you think that they should rethink the disciplinary actions against tardiness in school?


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