Stop Acting Cool, Put it Down!


When walking into high school, one looks forward to many things: more freedom, new people, and fewer rules.

As we enter our junior or senior year, we look forward to getting our license.

Our parents teach us what they can and tell us many things we cannot do. Many parents do not stress it enough to their kid to not text behind the wheel.

One main thing teenagers do is text or mess with their phone while driving. This stereotype is heard all the time.

However, this does not stop one from actually doing it. Sources say that even though they know it is dangerous, teenagers and adults still text and drive.

It is a common fact to not do it, but it still brings accidents and deaths everyday due to this cause. Many people think that they can multi-task while driving.

What is the difference between texting and being intoxicated while driving? Nothing. One is still risking their life or someone else’s.

In “Because Driving and Texting Kills,” it states that it takes about five seconds of a person’s attention to text while one is driving.

The article claims that a text message is more likely to cause an accident than dialing or calling a number.

52% of teens admit to driving and texting. It is important to know your safety rights and those around.

If one is texting while driving, one can put them selves at risk of injury, and even worse; someone else can be in danger because of your mistake.

Stop acting cool and put the phones down while driving!


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